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Are You Coming Across Too Young?

Young job seekers entering the job market may find themselves in work environments where they’re the youngest among older workers with more experience. Your age shouldn’t keep you from finding work, but your behavior and attitude can. Here are some common missteps young job seekers make that can turn off potential employers, and possibly cost you a great career opportunity.

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Networking Conversations Part Three: Keeping the Conversation Going

For many of us, the most challenging parts of the networking conversation are getting it started and steering it through the middle. If you’ve gotten it this far, the end should be easy! But beware; you don’t want to drop the ball at this point, because the end of the conversation is actually the beginning of the networking relationship. It’s important you end strong, and with the promise of ongoing connection. Read More

Got a case of “False Sense of Productivity”?

The lives of job seekers can get quite busy.  Job seekers’ days are easily filled with many activities, such as modifying resumes and cover letters, researching companies, scouting for job leads, doing coffee meetings, submitting job applications, networking online, attending events, participating in webinars and taking classes.  Things get hectic very quickly. Read More

When You’re Feeling Down During Your Job Search

It’s common for people who are out of work to experience certain degree of depression.  When we are feeling down and depressed, it can be difficult to manage even some simple tasks in our daily lives, not to mention the more mentally demanding job seeking activities.  This feeling sometimes gets multiplied when compounded by the financial pressure of being jobless.  A natural consequence is an ever-growing dark cloud that hangs over our head that seems to be preventing us from moving forward. Read More

Job Search Lottery and Why You Wouldn’t Want to Win It

Everyone wants to win the lottery, right?   Many people believe that when a large sum of money lands on their laps, their dreams will come true, their days will be care-free, and they can live happily ever after.  There is an equivalent of “winning the lottery” in job search.  We will talk about what it is and why you wouldn’t really want to win this “Job Search Lottery.” Read More