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Video Friday: Getting Started Building a Network

Tweet You know having a network is important to your job search. But how do you get started building one?  In this video Jobfully’s Carrie Krueger has help for recent grads and others who are building a network from scratch.

Video Friday – Handling Rejection During Your Job Search

Tweet Rejection is a normal, if unpleasant part of job search. In this video Jobfully’s Carrie Krueger tells you what to do when you are turned down for a job.

Video Friday: Widening Your Network

Tweet A successful job search involves continually growing your network. Today on Video Friday, some easy ways to do that.

Video Friday: Networking for Introverts

Tweet In today’s Video Friday blog, Kimberly shares some tricks to make networking easier and more natural.

Video Friday: When You are Short on Required Experience

Tweet If you find a great job opportunity but don’t have quite the required years of experience, you can still get hired. In today’s video, Jobfully’s Carrie Krueger shows you how.

Video Friday – After Submitting Job Applications

Tweet Beyond your well-written resume, your networking, your interview skills, there is something else more you can and should do to push your candidacy to the next level – following up and preparing your references.  Here is how –

Video Friday: Transitioning Into a New Field

Tweet A job search creates a great opportunity to take your career in a new direction. But making that transition, and selling yourself in a new area can be tricky. In today’s Friday Video, Life Coach Patricia Klingler gives a quick tip on how to move in a new direction.

Video Friday: Body Language in Job Interviews

Tweet Your body language might matter more in your job interviews than the word you say.  Pay attention to your body language so that you can project a professional and confident image. 

Video Friday: Targeting Small Companies

Advice and tips on landing a job at small companies in today’s economy.

Video Friday: Understand a Job’s Requirements

Job seekers should take time to clearly understand the job description and requirements before applying.