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Volunteer Work: Your Job Search Secret Path

Tweet Volunteering can be a significant leg up in your job search.  An ariticle in Fast Company, Volunteering Will Save Your Career (Or Put You In A New One), showed that 20% of hiring managers make decision based on volunteer work.  It can serve the same basic function as an internship: it can grow your […]

When Working Harder Isn’t Working

Tweet Have you ever worn yourself out with a course of action that simply didn’t produce the results you intended? Job seekers and working people alike are urged to work harder at achieving their goals, when working smarter is actually what they are really looking for.

Supporting The Job Seeker In Your Life

Tweet Unemployment can be hard on couples.  Economic stress along with the emotional impact of job loss can take a toll on everyone in the family. Partners of job-seekers play an important role in managing this challenging time and creating a positive environment in the household. 

Get Unstuck With a 7-day Goal

Tweet Do you ever find yourself feeling stuck? You know you need to move forward, but somehow you’ve managed to sink your wheels into the mud and all momentum is lost. It can be a frustrating, draining experience. In one of the herd of books I’m currently reading, The Power of Focus, I came across […]