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Cleaning up Facebook for Your Job Search

An article published in HR Magazine (the most widely read and respected human resources publication in the world) told the story of a physician who didn’t get a job at a small mid-west town hospital because she liked books on witchcraft on her Facebook page. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Facebook content resulting in lost job opportunities. In today’s age of social media, looking up future employees is the common trend for hiring managers, and as the article in HR Magazine stated, “There is nothing that screams more accurately who you are than a Facebook page.” So how can you clean up your Facebook so it’s appropriate? Read More

Social Media 101 for Job Seekers

Many job seekers, especially mature workers, struggle to understand the role social media can play in a successful job search. Back in the day, resumes were printed and sent by mail and jobs were found in the local paper. Today it’s Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Ignoring these “new fangled” methods can greatly hinder a job search. So, for those of us born before 1970 (and some of you born after) here’s a quick rundown of the most important social media channels for your job search.

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New Ways to Use Facebook in Your Job Search

Facebook is partnering with job board site SimplyHired. The integration allows you to see Facebook friends you have at a company, and locate friends inside a company when pursuing a job opening.

To use the new integration, you must go to SimplyHired and then login in to Facebook through SimplyHired. You can then research a company and see if you know someone who works there. Or you can locate a job and then find out if you know someone who works there.

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Action Items for New College Grads Looking for Work

In our last blog, we went over some food for thoughts for new college graduates to identify a clear and focused entry into the job market.  Today, we will talk about what actions new college graduate can take once they have a good idea on what they are looking for in today’s job market.

Sanitize web image. Potential employers are increasingly Goggling candidates, looking at their Facebook pages and LinkedIn profile. College students are particularly vulnerable to getting a bad “web reputation”. As job seekers, they must do everything possible to clean up their web image, removing or privatizing photos and other content and also creating a positive web presence through a LinkedIn Profile, a professional blog or a professional web page.

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Using Facebook In Your Job Search

To use Facebook in your job search, you must first define your Facebook presence and page as personal, professional or both.  Beyond that critical decision, there are several important ways you can use Facebook to advance your job search.

Your Friends, Your Network
If you are using Facebook as a personal social network, your Facebook friends are your inner-circle network. As such, they care about your success and are likely to want to help you.  To use this resource in a respectful way:

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Facebook and the Job Search: Personal, Professional, or Both?

For many, Facebook is a social Mecca. It’s a fun, easy way to share photos, news, party invitations and birthday greetings. And it certainly has no place in a professional job search, right? Yet with the job market tight, job seekers can’t afford to ignore the world’s most trafficked website as a road to a new job.

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