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How Job Search has Changed and Ways to Keep Up

One of the most baffling things about job search is that we are not trained for it. If you’re new to the job market, you don’t really know the process. If you’ve job searched before, things have probably changed a lot since the last time you were looking for a job.  Here are some of the key changes that job seekers need to be aware of in order to lead a successful search. Read More

Job Search and the Multi-Generational Workforce

Becky was telling me about a recent job interview at a local technology firm that left her frustrated and confused. She described her interviewer as a “girl” half her age who dressed casually, asked unexpected questions and spoke in shorthand. As an older worker, Becky is not alone in her reaction to the traits and behavior observed in “the younger generation”.   But understanding new ways of communicating and working can really help older workers in their job search. Read More

Why Years of Experience Don’t Matter

Yes, you read the headline correctly. Years of experience do not get people hired. Why? Because experience does not equal success or future value. For example, I can claim 30+ years experience as a runner. Does that make me a candidate for the next Olympics? Could I be a track coach? Am I even a good runner?  No. Just because I have been doing something for a long time does not mean I am good at it.

Which is more impressive: Read More

Are You Coming Across as Old?

Ask 40+, 50+ and 60+ job seekers and most will tell you they do not feel old.  Yet even with resumes free of dates, hiring managers say some mature workers simply come across as “old”, making them less likely to be hired. Of course age discrimination is illegal. What these hiring managers are talking about is not discriminating based on date of birth, but rather preferring to avoid candidates who have traits and attitudes that make them seem out of touch, difficult to work with, unwilling to learn new skills or lacking in long term potential.   Awareness of these conscious and unconscious messages can help job seekers of all ages come across better in every communication. Read More