Action Items for New College Grads Looking for Work

Action Items for New College Grads Looking for Work

In our last blog, we went over some food for thoughts for new college graduates to identify a clear and focused entry into the job market.  Today, we will talk about what actions new college graduate can take once they have a good idea on what they are looking for in today’s job market.

Sanitize web image. Potential employers are increasingly Goggling candidates, looking at their Facebook pages and LinkedIn profile. College students are particularly vulnerable to getting a bad “web reputation”. As job seekers, they must do everything possible to clean up their web image, removing or privatizing photos and other content and also creating a positive web presence through a LinkedIn Profile, a professional blog or a professional web page.

Put Facebook to work for you. Besides being an easy way to connect to your network inner circle, Facebook also has tools for job seekers. Given most new college grads are very familiar with Facebook, it makes sense to utilize it in the job search.

Become an amazing networker. Today’s job market is driven by connections and those connections are made, maintained and strengthened through networking.  For every job seeker, networking is the most powerful avenue. Recent grads may feel their network is small. But remember, networking isn’t about who you already know, it’s about who you do not yet know. Continually growing a network, whether large or small, is vital.

Connect your learning to the promise of future success. It’s vital for recent graduates to show how what they’ve been learning is connected to the needs of a company and how the skills they’ve developed link to future success for an employer. Recent graduates must make clear how their classroom, internship and other skills translate directly into solid results for an organization.

Sell your potential with past successes. An employer hiring a recent grad is taking a risk at some level. Their new hire may have limited experience but show tons of potential. The best way to demonstrate that potential is with examples of past successes. These examples do not have to be professional. They may be related to volunteer work, campus leadership or classroom success. But they must show realized potential, proof the recent graduate can do great things and a promise he or she will bring value to the new employer.

Consider an internship. In a competitive job market, relevant experience and demonstrated success are more critical than ever. An internship allows an inexperienced new grad to go from green to seasoned, show abilities, build competencies, get recommendations and grow his or her network.

By taking the right steps and be as prepared as possible to enter the job market, a new college grad can avoid unnecessary frustration and move quickly into a new, exciting chapter in life.

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