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Self-Care During a Job Search

Today’s guest blog is by Helene Cho, Career and Life Coach, Consultant, Author of Hamster on the Wheel; Cultivating Life Work Balance

“If you only focus on the golden egg and neglect the goose who is laying it, there will be no golden eggs.”

 Stephen Covey in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (paraphrased).



Looking for a job is often the hardest job you have ever had. For most people, having to be “on” during networking and interviewing activities constantly takes a toll. Read More

When You’re Feeling Down During Your Job Search

It’s common for people who are out of work to experience certain degree of depression.  When we are feeling down and depressed, it can be difficult to manage even some simple tasks in our daily lives, not to mention the more mentally demanding job seeking activities.  This feeling sometimes gets multiplied when compounded by the financial pressure of being jobless.  A natural consequence is an ever-growing dark cloud that hangs over our head that seems to be preventing us from moving forward. Read More

What Job Seekers Can Learn From Lady Gaga

Don’t let the eccentric makeup and extreme fashion fool you. Lady Gaga is not another pop star using shock value to stay in the spotlight. She is actually a brilliant entrepreneur. Her enterprise? The Lady Gaga brand. There’s a reason Forbes chose her as 2011’s Most Powerful Celebrity – over Oprah. A recent Wall Street Journal blog highlighted what aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from Lady Gaga’s career, and we saw some important lessons for job seekers, too. Read More

The Importance of Self-Belief During Job Search

When you apply for a job, you are asking a perspective employer to believe in you.  That leap of faith will be much more likely if you believe in yourself. Self-belief is critical to your job search.  It creates a confidence that comes through in every encounter, allowing you to effectively sell yourself and get hired.

Many job seekers are at a time in their life when they feel deeply insecure. Read More

Celebrating Job Search Successes

If you ask a friend how he lost weight, he will tell you he did it one pound at a time. If you ask a runner how he finished the race, he’ll confirm it happened one mile at a time. A master chef will tell you the award winning soufflé is made step by step.  The same is true with job search. You can’t leap straight from “looking” to “employed” anymore than you can leap from flour and eggs to soufflé. You must take small, continuous steps toward success.  Just as a runner celebrates each mile, it’s important for job seekers to acknowledge and celebrate every milestone along the way. Read More

Rock Bands and Cheerleaders for Job Seekers

Last summer I participated in my first “Rock and Roll Marathon”. This unique road race, held in a variety of cities each year, features a different rock band playing every mile along the route! Not only that, but in between the rock bands, high school cheerleading and pep squads line the street to offer lively encouragement.  Needless to say, it was the most fun I’ve ever had on a race course. The miles flew by and I hardly had time to think about the time or distance.

Job search can feel like a real marathon. Read More

Dealing With Depression During Your Job Search

Depression can really slow down your job search progress.  Many people who are out of work suffer from depression at some point during the process.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but if you recognize you are suffering from it, take steps to deal with it and get back on track finding a job.

If you think you’re suffering from depression Read More

2011 Job Search Restart

Out with the old, in with the new! Whether you are just starting your job search, looking for a fresh beginning or, the time is right to bring new energy, strategy and tactics to your search. Here’s what is working in your favor:

  • Hiring picks up in January
  • The economy is showing signs of recovery and job creation
  • The New Year often brings new optimism and excitement

Where to begin?

Read More