Rock Bands and Cheerleaders for Job Seekers

Rock Bands and Cheerleaders for Job Seekers

Last summer I participated in my first “Rock and Roll Marathon”. This unique road race, held in a variety of cities each year, features a different rock band playing every mile along the route! Not only that, but in between the rock bands, high school cheerleading and pep squads line the street to offer lively encouragement.  Needless to say, it was the most fun I’ve ever had on a race course. The miles flew by and I hardly had time to think about the time or distance.

Job search can feel like a real marathon. Job seekers are often tired, discouraged and uncertain about making it to the finish. They need rock bands and cheerleaders to keep them going strong.   Whether you are a job seeker, or have a job seeker in your life, your encouragement is critical to the job seeker’s success.

With encouragement, it’s the thought that counts. To be completely honest, some of the bands along the race course were not very good at all. But their energy and enthusiasm lifted my spirits and made me want to keep going. When you’re offering encouragement to a job seeker, don’t worry about doing it the “right” way. Just give what you’ve got and know that it helps.

Encouragement seems to come when it is most needed. Several times during the race my mind began to focus on my feet. They hurt. But suddenly I would round a corner and there would be a pep squad or rock band. The boost always seemed to come at just the right time. If you’re unsure about giving support to a job seeker, stop hesitating. Jump in and offer a cheer or a song! It is likely just what the job seeker needs right now.

When we’re discouraged, we may not even know what we need. There was a little boy along the race course offering “free sprays” from a water bottle. I accepted a few sprays and felt completely refreshed. I had no idea I needed a spray, yet when it was offered, it was perfect. The encouragement you have to offer a job seeker is sure to make a difference. Don’t worry that it isn’t what he or she asked for or what others are giving. Your encouragement is a unique gift.

It’s powerful to know we are not alone. When I think about completing a long race with supportive partners, bands, cheerleaders and “free sprays” of cool water versus setting out alone to go that distance, it is obvious to me I could not do it alone.  Job seekers often feel they are on a long, lonely run. The most important encouragement you can give is to let the job seeker know he or she is not alone.

We each have to run our own race.  Bands and cheerleaders do not move the finish line or the job offer closer, but they sure make the journey easier.  Offer your encouragement to a job seeker today!

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Tell us: How has encouragement helped with your job search? Or how have you encouraged a job seeker?

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