What are Twitter Hashtags, and What Can They Do For You?

What are Twitter Hashtags, and What Can They Do For You?

Twitter can be a very powerful tool for your job search.  Not only do many companies now post job leads on Twitter, but it’s also a good place to find and interact with recruiters.

Finding jobs on Twitter is easy if you know how to do it.  The most popular way to find jobs (or any other topic) is through the use of a hashtag (#).  What is a hashtag?  Hashtags are a way for people to categorize information in tweets to make it easily searchable.  Hashtags are like keywords marked with a (#).  For instance, do a hashtag search for #career, and you’ll come up with a list of people tweeting about career topics.

How does this apply to your job search?

  1. Go onto Twitter and search for a job title you are interested in by typing a hashtag term in the search box.
  2. An example could be #hrjobs if you were interested in human resource positions
  3. Try a number of different combinations, as there are no set rules for hashtags. Try abbreviations and mashed together words.
  4. You may also search on your city or area name, for example #lajobs or #Chicagojobs
  5. Filter through the results and start making contact

If you haven’t yet jumped onto Twitter, get on and start exploring.  It’s a very valuable resource that should not be ignored when job searching.  For more on social media and your job search:

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