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How to Follow-Up with a Contact

Tweet Follow up is one of the most  important parts of networking.  It doesn’t matter if you are in a formal interview or talking with an acquaintance on your softball team, follow-up is crucial to engaging and building.  In the last part of our series on informational interviews, we explore follow-up for this type of networking.

Setting Up and Preparing for Informational Interviews

Tweet Informational interviews are an important part of a successful job search. In part one of our series, we established some of the goals for setting up informational interviews. Now, how to set up these meetings, and prepare for them.

The Solution to Not Hearing Back

Tweet Whenever I get together with friends, the topic seems to turn to job and career. Over wine the other night, my friends Lars and Grace were sharing tales of their job searches. Lars has been out of work 11 months. Our evening out was a celebration for Grace who just wrapped up a brief […]

How the Hidden Job Market Works

Tweet Are you skeptical about the hidden job market, or maybe not even sure what it is? It sounds a little mysterious, but the hidden job market is real and it does work to help get people hired.

Job Leads (Tacoma, WA) and Internship Opportunities (Seattle / Redmond)

Exciting internship opportunities at Jobfully (a technology startup in Seattle) and job leads at DaVita (a FORTUNE 500 company – Tacoma, Washington Office).

Job Openings at Novel Inc

Tweet Novel Inc., based in Redmond, WA is hiring! The videogame company has a wide variety of openings in engineering, art and design. Details from HR below. Contact them directly to apply.

Video Friday: Using Facebook in Your Job Search

Tweet Facebook can be a powerful tool in your job search. This short video shows you how to use Facebook to generate job leads. If you’re having trouble viewing the video, you can watch it on YouTube. We have lots more informative videos on our YouTube channel. Read more about Facebook and your job search. […]

Seattle Job Leads

Tweet An awesome fellow Seattle-based startup, Symform, is hiring! About Symform – “Symform is fundamentally changing the way businesses protect their data. We make it easier, more secure, and ten times cheaper than any traditional online service. Our award-winning technology is driving our growth and we are adding people who have a fire burning inside […]