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Video Friday: How to Dress for a Job Interview

Tweet It can be tricky figuring out how to dress for a job interview. In this video Jobfully’s Carrie Krueger gives you the formula for success

Dressing for Success

Tweet We’ve all heard you should “dress for success” but when it comes to job interviews, it’s tricky to know how to dress. A rule of thumb is to dress just a bit more conservatively than people dress where you are interviewing. For example:

Video Friday: Positioning Yourself as Perfectly Qualified

Tweet Highly qualified workers face a special challenge when applying for jobs. They risk being told they are overqualified. But by positioning their qualifications as a perfect match, they can avoid the label and interview successfully. In this video, Jobfully’s Carrie Krueger explains how.

Avoiding Pre-Interview Faux Pas

Tweet Imagine this: A friend is picking you up for an outing, but shows up 20 minutes early. You’re not ready. Maybe you’re busy with something else. But your friend has arrived and you feel compelled to drop everything and rush to get ready. That’s how an interviewer feels if you show up 20 minutes […]

March Madness and Your Job Search

Tweet March madness is coming towards the end. If you’re a basketball fan, you have had your pen out and your brackets filled, and your fair share of ups and downs. While your mind might be on the court, the game of basketball and the game of interviewing have a lot in common. Don’t believe me? Check this […]

Questions You Should NOT Ask in a Job Interview

Tweet Asking the right questions in an interview can give you a huge strategic advantage. Asking the wrong questions can cost you the job.  Following up on our blog about smart questions to ask,  here are some things you should not ask, especially in the early stage interviews:

Interviewing with the Young and Inexperienced

Tweet Many job seekers, particularly mature workers, have experienced interviewing with someone much younger or less experienced than themselves.   It’s a common scenario and need not lead to disaster. Here’s how to handle it.

Video Friday: Body Language in Job Interviews

Tweet Body language can make or break a job interview. In this video learn how to convey capability, interest and professionalism with body language.

Video Friday: Preparing for a Phone Interview

Being prepared for your interviews can help you present yourself confidently and make the best impression. Watch this video and learn how to be best prepared for your phone interviews.

Awkward Interview Moments

Tweet Most job seekers have funny stories of awkward interview moments – names mangled, drinks spilled, flubbed answers to easy questions.  Jobfully team members shared a few of their favorites including accidently offering a hug instead of a handshake at the end of the interview (carried away?) and accidently walking off with the interviewer’s notebook.  […]