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Internships During Job Search

Tweet There was a time when interns were around to fetch coffee and answer phones. But these days internships have an entirely different scope. They’ve become an important part of getting a job. Here are some of the reasons more people than ever are interning:

Wrapping Up an Internship

Tweet It’s the time of year when many students are wrapping up their internships and preparing to return to school. As my summer with Jobfully wraps up, I’ve been thinking about the best way to leave an internship.  As you depart, you need to position yourself for your future, and you want leave your employer […]

Bringing Life to a “Dead End” Internship

Does your internship feel like a dead-end that is taking you nowhere? Here is how to make the most of it and use it to get the experience you need to get a job.

Finding the Right Internship

Tweet Internships are an important way for job seekers to gain experience, build successes and get a foot in the door at a company or in an industry.  In a earlier post we detailed how job seekers are using internships. Once you’ve decided an internship is right for you, how do you find one and plan […]

How Liberal Arts Degrees Help Your Job Search

Having a degree that doesn’t connect to an obvious profession doesn’t have to limit what you can do in life. In fact, it can open many opportunities.

Getting the Most Out of Your Internship: Goal Setting

Tweet Internships are an increasingly important way for job seekers to gain experience, master new skills and position themselves in the job market.  To optimize your internship, it’s important to have specific goals and a plan for meeting them.  At the highest level, your goals are: gaining valuable experience and growing your network.  But once […]

What Does a Successful Internship Program Look Like?

Tweet Today’s video blog comes from Jennifer King. Jennifer King is an HR Analyst at Software Advice, a company that compares and reviews human resources software. To learn more about Software Advice follow them at @HRISadvice.

Solving the Jobs Problem – A New Kind of Unemployment Benefit

Tweet In midst of an unprecedented challenge in jobs situation in our country and in honor of Labor Day, let’s all come together to start a discussion on new ways to fix our persistent unemployment problem and boost our stagnating economy. As a small business owner, whose business is to put people back to work, […]

Internships: Brilliant or Bogus?

Tweet A recent article in The Week Magazine highlights the increase in internships by job seekers, including those who are fairly advanced in their careers. The article has ignited a firestorm amongst job seekers, some of whom find the whole concept of an internship, particularly an unpaid internship, completely bogus.  Some view internships merely as a […]

Job Leads (Tacoma, WA) and Internship Opportunities (Seattle / Redmond)

Exciting internship opportunities at Jobfully (a technology startup in Seattle) and job leads at DaVita (a FORTUNE 500 company – Tacoma, Washington Office).