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Positive Thinking and Job Search Success

Tweet One of the biggest factors in a successful job search is mindset. Last time we talked about some actionable items discouraged job seekers can take to turn around a negative outlook.  Today, we want to provide some food for thought.

Inspired by Job Seekers

Job seekers face many challenges outside of job search, and the courage with which they face their challenges can be inspiring.

Dealing With Depression During Your Job Search

Tweet Depression can really slow down your job search progress.  Many people who are out of work suffer from depression at some point during the process.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but if you recognize you are suffering from it, take steps to deal with it and get back on track finding a job. […]

Stay Engaged, Find a Role Model

Tweet Over time, as you do the work of “working on yourself”, the fluctuations in energy and concentration wear on even the hardiest among us. At heart we know we have to put ourselves in front of people, lots of people, repeatedly. You can benefit from balancing periods of social engagement with times of more relaxed involvement […]

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