Positive Thinking and Job Search Success

Positive Thinking and Job Search Success

One of the biggest factors in a successful job search is mindset. Last time we talked about some actionable items discouraged job seekers can take to turn around a negative outlook.  Today, we want to provide some food for thought.

Pump yourself up
If you are thinking negative thoughts such as “nothing is working” or “the job market is impossible”, these negative feelings are bound to surface in your networking conversations and even job interviews. It is vital for you to cut off these negative thoughts because they are simply not true. Don’t think them, don’t say them, and don’t believe them! Here are some thoughts to repeat to yourself. Put them somewhere you can see often.

  • I have skills and talents an employer will value
  • I create value for employers
  • I am capable of bringing out that value in a resume and interviews
  • There is a job out there for me
  • I will keep taking smart and strategic steps until I find the right job
  • I have a great and growing network of people who care about me
  • I will help my network every day and my network will help me

Don’t be bitter
Of all feelings, bitterness is perhaps the least productive, and is certainly one of the least attractive. Think about it, do you enjoy working or playing with people who are bitter? Worse, bitterness tends to be difficult to hide.  These feelings may be normal after job loss or a long job search. But they absolutely must be dealt with in order to bring a positive mindset to the search. Examine your reasons for bitterness and tackle them. Replace each bitter thought with a positive one. Instead of “I can’t believe they laid me off”, think “I can’t change the past, but I have an opportunity to create a new future.”  Instead of “These strategies for finding a job do not work”, think “I’m going to master these strategies and find a great job.”   As you replace bitter feelings, check with several trusted friends and make sure you are coming across as positive, not bitter.

Be thankful
Step back from your job search on a regular basis to be thankful for what is working. You have skills that are valuable. You have the health and well being to work. You live in a place filled with opportunity. Acknowledge these things regularly as a way of impacting your mindset. Take time each day to explicitly thank someone in your life supporting you, being a friend, or keeping an eye out for opportunities. Gratitude is a powerful way to face down challenging times.

Focus on the positive
Every day, in just about every job category and industry, someone IS getting hired. New jobs ARE opening up and people ARE finding employment. You have what it takes to be one of the people who lands a job and gets back to work. Focus on the fact that new employment opportunities are available and affirm for yourself that you will find one that is just right for you.

Tell us! What are you doing to keep a positive mindset while job searching? Share what is working for you.

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2 thoughts on “Positive Thinking and Job Search Success

  1. When it comes to the job search, one of the best things you can have is a positive attitude. You’d be surprised how much attitude can be read in a cover letter, resume, phone interview, email, etc. Potential employers can sense distress, desperation, depression, etc.

  2. I totally agree on not being bitter. If you can vent to one or two people you’re close to, you should, in order to let it all out. Otherwise your negative attitude will come across when you’re networking, and even worse, in actual interviews. It’s a guaranteed turn-off.

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