Stay Engaged, Find a Role Model

Stay Engaged, Find a Role Model

Over time, as you do the work of “working on yourself”, the fluctuations in energy and concentration wear on even the hardiest among us. At heart we know we have to put ourselves in front of people, lots of people, repeatedly. You can benefit from balancing periods of social engagement with times of more relaxed involvement that treat your mind to new ideas, replenish your energy, and refresh your world view.

A fundraising event for an educational non-profit provided a great example of a refreshing world view when the keynote speaker, Rick Steves, told stories of his life-long travel. He effortlessly tied every cultural exchange to the significance of learning about the world first-hand through travel abroad. Clearly, the trajectory of his career exemplifies someone who has taken his passion and transformed it into a mission of service to encourage not only travel but open-mindedness.

So often people looking for work are asked to consider what has sparked an enduring passion for them. As you listen to Mr. Steves tell the story of his progression from traveling vagabond to tour guide and travel writer to political activist, you understand how work becomes a calling, how passion turns to purpose.

When you can see how someone else’s early influences have shaped how they engage in their life’s work, they become an inspirational role model, and having a role model can help you stay engaged with what gives you a sense of purpose.

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