Troubleshooting Tuesday: Why Aren’t You Making Progress?

Troubleshooting Tuesday: Why Aren’t You Making Progress?

Troubleshooting your job search is a sure fire way to figure out what is working, and fix what is not. But what if you’ve addressed your networking, resume, interviewing skills and more, but are not making the progress you would like? It could be your job search is stalling around how you focus your efforts.  Use these questions to figure out if you need a different focus:

Do you measure effort based on number of resumes sent out? This is a deceptive way to gauge progress. Sending resumes cold for advertised positions is not the way most hires happen these days.  Stop counting resumes sent and start counting networking contacts made.

Are you keeping busy looking at internet job boards for job openings? This is another deceptive measurement of effort because most jobs are not found this way. Limit time spent on job boards and focus instead on the hidden job market uncovered by networking.

Are you measuring your weekly effort by what is necessary to qualify for unemployment insurance? Not only is that standard very low (three job applications a week in some states) but it does not represent the kind of activity it takes to get hired in the current market. Do what you need to get unemployment insurance, and then focus on the real work of finding a job.

Are you reactive rather than proactive? Logging to the computer each day and just seeing what’s happening is not the strongest way to take control of your job search drive for progress.  While it’s good to respond to leads and new contacts, you should also have a plan for each day that involves proactively seeking new opportunities, enhancing your online image and positioning yourself for success.

Do you find yourself not sure what to do next in your job search? If so, you may be lacking a clear plan and a path for success.  Jobfully can help you develop a plan and give you the tools to succeed. Visit our home page to learn more.

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