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Troubleshooting Your Job Search

Job seekers sometimes say to me “I’m doing everything, and nothing is working.”  The truth is, there are things every job seeker can do to improve their job search. But often job seekers don’t see beyond what they know about job searching. What they don’t know could change their strategy and execution.  With that in mind, I’m kicking off “Troubleshooting Tuesday”, a series designed to help job seekers locate and fix the trouble spots in their job search.  Today, I’ll go over some common trouble areas and raise some questions for rethinking your future job search efforts.  In the weeks that come, we’ll tackle each area in depth.

Not finding enough job openings

  • Have you targeted a field and job category that are robust?
  • Are your targets for field and job category large enough including small companies?
  • Are you networking in that field or profession, not just relying on job boards for leads?
  • Are you spending enough time tapping into the unadvertised job market, particularly through networking?
  • Are you using social media to track companies and recruiters?

For more on broadening your field and job category, read Troubleshooting Tuesday: Is Your Target Too Small?

Network not growing

  • Are you considering everyone you meet, including social contacts, a member of your network?
  • Are you reaching out beyond people you know to those you do not know?
  • Are you asking close contacts to help you build new connections?
  • Are you getting out to events and gatherings where you may meet people?

For more on optimizing your networking efforts to generate job leads, read Troubleshooting Tuesday: Is Networking Your Problem?

Submitting resumes but hearing nothing

For more on what to do if you are not hearing back, read “Troubleshooting Tuesday: Not Hearing Back After Applying”.

Interviewing but not getting hired

  • Are you going into the interview well prepared, ready with answers to the toughest questions?
  • Are you listening during interviews, asking questions and responding to what you hear?
  • Do you research the company and position before the interview?

For more on better preparation in order to interview better, read “Troubleshooting Tuesday: Stalling Out After Interviews”.

To improve your communication skills during interviews, read “Troubleshooting Tuesday: Communication During Job Interviews”.

Not making enough progress, feeling discouraged

For more on making stronger progress see Troubleshooting Tuesday: Why Aren’t You Making Progress?

For more on time management,  see Troubleshooting Tuesday: Are You Spending Enough Time on Your Job Search?

For making sure that time is well spent see Troubleshooting Tuesday: Are you Spending Your Time on the Right Things?


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