Thankfulness for Job Seekers

Thankfulness for Job Seekers

If you’ve lost your job or faced a long job search, it may feel like there is little to be thankful for. But thankfulness, the conscious awareness of the good in our lives, is vital to keeping a positive mindset.  A Wall Street Journal article reports that research shows thankfulness has actually been proven to be good for both your physical and mental health. With Thanksgiving this week, it’s a good time to consider some of the things most job seekers can give thanks for.

  • An able body that allows job search and employment
  • Freedom to choose what kind of work you want to do
  • A culture that allows us to change career directions and try new things
  • Laws that protect workers’ rights
  • A strong supportive network
  • A safety net
  • Accessible training and education
  • Resources to help with job search
  • Rewarding work in the past and the prospect of rewarding work in the future

Take some time this week to reflect on the positive aspects of your job search. Reach out and thank your network.  Enjoy Thanksgiving then plan to hit your job search hard in the next few weeks. The holidays offer some great opportunities for moving your job search forward.

Being thankful brings out positive thinking and attitude.  Combine positive attitude with strategic action and you are on your way to job search success.

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