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Encouraging Job Seekers

Tweet Sometimes, a job search can feel like a marathon. It involves going the distance, pushing through hard times and never giving up. If you’ve ever run a marathon, or even a 5k, you know encouragement from the crowd, your support crew and fellow athletes is vital to your success. If you’re a job seeker, it’s important to […]

Steps to Brighten Your Job Search

Tweet Staying positive is key to a successful job search. With the future of the economy a little up in the air right now, staying positive helps keeping your job search battery charged. So how does a job seeker in this market stay positive during the uncertainty? Here are some suggestions:

When You’re Feeling Down During Your Job Search

Tweet It’s common for people who are out of work to experience certain degree of depression.  When we are feeling down and depressed, it can be difficult to manage even some simple tasks in our daily lives, not to mention the more mentally demanding job seeking activities.  This feeling sometimes gets multiplied when compounded by […]