Steps to Brighten Your Job Search

Steps to Brighten Your Job Search

Staying positive is key to a successful job search. With the future of the economy a little up in the air right now, staying positive helps keeping your job search battery charged. So how does a job seeker in this market stay positive during the uncertainty? Here are some suggestions:

Set daily personal goals:
The process of searching for a job can sometimes be daunting if you skip the planning stage.  If you set small, do-able goals for yourself on a regular basis, it will take some of the stress off. For example, a do-able goal could be to do market research on positions that fit your skills or updating your LinkedIn account.

Remember the things you are good at:
Everyone has something they are good at. Some people are great at Excel, and some are great at closing the deal with a client. I know mine is interacting with people and making a connection and rapport with them quickly. Remind yourself of what you are good at and play these things up in your head. Being supportive of yourself is the best motivation.

Volunteer while unemployed:
Going out and getting involved in the community is always a great way to spend your time while unemployed. By helping others, you feel accomplished and better about yourself. This also allows you to grow your network with a variety of people. Your volunteering experience gives you something to put on your resume as well. Find organizations whose cause you feel aligned with is a great way to say happy and involved. Be mindful of how you can gain resume-building experience out of your volunteer activities.

Work with Jobfully:
We are your job search yoga partners – we remove any confusion you might have about your search while providing your with feedback to improve and generate results. We offer you best job search practices coaching with a personal touch that will help you move towards your ultimate goal of getting hired.

Over the past year, I have worked with many job seekers to successfully find a job they were excited about.  Through their interaction with us, I have seen them keep working hard and refuse to give up, feeling supported by Jobfully.  Many of them had done job search on their own for at least 6 months before working with us.  I’m always thrilled to get their “good news” emails, full of excitement, when they finally land a good job!

Job searching is a mental game. How you mentally and physically feel directly affects the outcome of your search. By following the above steps you will improve your job search mentality and, as a result, become successful in your job search.


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