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Video Friday: Are You Coming Across as Old?

Tweet Are you sabotaging your job search with behaviors and traits that make you look like an undesirable hire? Jobfully’s Carrie Krueger looks at how some job seekers simply come across as old, and what you can do to avoid this problem.

Is it Age Discrimination or Something Else?

Tweet Do you believe you are you being turned down for jobs because of your age? Age discrimination is often blamed after an unsuccessful application, but it’s almost always impossible to know if age really was a factor. Here are some of the common reasons given for not hiring a mature worker:

Should You Hide Your Age During Job Search?

Tweet Older workers often ask “How can I hide my age on my resume?”   They fear age discrimination and believe that concealing their age will help them avoid the issue.  They remove dates, graduation years and other give-aways. Here is a different approach:

Keeping Age Out of Your Job Search

Tweet Mature workers are sometimes concerned that their age may prevent them from getting hired. The reality is that age alone is very rarely a reason for eliminating a job candidate. Hiring managers are always looking for the best person to get the job done. Age is irrelevant if capability, likability and fit are all […]