Jump-start Your Digital Job Search

Jump-start Your Digital Job Search

I just came across an interesting article on College Aftermath about some best tactics for the modern job search.  The article is right on about today’s job search – in the digital age, your job search is completely different than even ten years ago and it should absolutely begin online.  The tips for applying to jobs over the Internet are fine – if you are applying through the classic job portal online.  But before you do that, remember to check your network:

    1. Everyone should have a LinkedIn profile with a developed network.  Check and see if you know anyone at the company.


    1. Network. Go to networking events, get names, give yours out.  For recent graduates, job fairs make excellent networking opportunities.  You can also attend networking events hosted by professional organizations, your unemployment office, or local interest groups.


    1. Use your campus career center.  Whether you are a recent grad or graduated years ago, the career center may be able to put you in touch with alumni inside your target company.  They might also have job postings unavailable elsewhere, networking events, and resume reviews to make sure yours is the best it can be.  Their job is to make sure you get employed – use them.


It’s a big advantage to apply for a position through an employee of the company – a contact who can submit your resume and cover letter for you.  Even if the company does not take referrals, the inside knowledge these contacts can provide may be the difference in landing an interview.

For some more great information on how to grease the skids to a new job: http://bit.ly/aIHkcM.

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