Job Search Success Stories

Job Search Success Stories

As the year wraps up, it’s nice to reflect on some of the successes of 2010.  At Jobfully, our biggest accomplishment was launching, a web based solution for job seekers that offers a complete program of coaching, instruction and practice on how to job search, a suite of productivity tools and a supportive community.  Coupled with our blog, Jobfully is at the forefront helping people lead successful job searches and get back to work. So today we celebrate a few success stories.

David had been out of work for 13 months after a layoff from his job in network management. He felt he knew the fundamentals of job search and was invited to interview many times during his unemployment but never made it to the next phase. Jobfully’s interview coaching made the difference for David. He finished that portion of the coaching on the very day of an interview and put what he had learned to work in that interview and in another the following day. A week later he received two job offers in one day. He’s been back on the job and is relishing the new role he landed thanks to Jobfully’s coaching program.

For Sarah, it was the video coaching that made the difference.  She felt pretty familiar with job search techniques going into the process but found the video coaching cemented and reinforced her knowledge. That added confidence was what it took for her to land a job.

Confidence was also important to Ashley who said the resume coaching took away her discomfort about showing her resume and left her proud of the result.  She is just getting started on her job search but already feeling the benefits of working with Jobfully. Other Jobfully fans have commented on the knowledge they gained about social media, the way the productivity tools kept them on track and the insights they gained on networking to generate job leads.

Jobfully works to help job seekers succeed in finding new and fulfilling work. Our greatest pride and satisfaction is seeing job seekers back on the job.  For us, 2010 has been an exciting year. We look forward to more in the year to come. We thank everyone who has put their faith in us and allowed us to help them through this important transition in their lives. Keep coming to our blog for daily inspiration, advice and support.

If you want a complete program to jump start your job search and help you take steps to success, come to our home page and sign up. We look forward to hearing your success stories in 2011.

Happy New Year and Happy Job Hunting to everyone.

The Jobfully Team

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