How To Answer “What Do You Know About Us?”

How To Answer “What Do You Know About Us?”

“What do you know about us?”  It’s a common but puzzling question that gets asked at many interviews.  Last week we talked about how to research companies.  Today, how to present the information you gathered in a way that shows you did your research and highlights why your skills and background would be an asset to the company.

Start with the positive

  • Begin your answer by relating something you know they do well
  • Weave your skills and background into the conversation by relating them to the company’s strength
  • For instance, “While I knew a great deal about your company already, my research showed your sales staff is ranked tops in the industry largely due to their consultative selling process.  As a mortgage sales representative, I have significant experience in consultative selling and feel it’s a very strong approach to sales.”

Bring up a challenge

  • Next, show you can solve a problem for the company
  • Mention a challenging area or opportunity you know exists within the company and how you can help
  • An example could be, “I noticed your sales were lagging in the northwest region and you are looking to strengthen them.  I have significant experience in that region and am actually from the area.”

Get an insider’s opinion

  • Take the opportunity to ask questions
  • Get the interviewer’s opinion on what he or she thinks is the greatest strengths and challenges the company faces.
  • Show your interest in the company and continue to bring out your match if the interviewer’s answers lend an opportunity

Although this is a very common interview question, many people do not research their answers or give it any thought before the interview.  If you do your research and find the reasons why you are a good fit, you’ll have an edge.  Don’t be afraid to share the great ideas you would implement if you were hired.  Practice these techniques so you’re confident and prepared for your interview!

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