What Is Job Search Strategy?

What Is Job Search Strategy?

We’ve talked much about how it’s important to have a job search strategy.  But have you ever wondered – What IS a job search strategy? Is “strategy” just a fancy word without much meaning?  Today, let’s dig in.

Here are a couple of definitions of “strategy” found in dictionaries:

“The art of devising or employing plans toward a goal.” – Merriam-Webster.com

“The art and science of planning and marshalling resources for their most efficient and effective use.” – BusinessDictionary.com

When we apply these to job search, we can define job search strategy as:

“The art and science of planning and purposefully arranging a job seeker’s resources for their most efficient and effective use toward getting the best job possible at a given time.”

To summarize, a job search strategy is “the way job seekers achieve the best job search results by making the most of their resources.” Here is why strategy is critical. Everyone, including job seekers, has limited resources (e.g. time, money and energy).  With a job search strategy , a job seeker can develop plans and tactics to efficiently and effectively utilize limited resources to generate the best results.

A currently unemployed, active job seeker can easily conduct hundreds of job search activities – such as sourcing for job leads, modifying resumes, researching companies, attending events, and setting up coffee meetings – in one single week.  If these activities are all parts of a well thought out strategy and plan, they will all work together consistently and, therefore, accelerate job search success.  Job seekers could be wasting valuable time and energy if they don’t have a job search strategy in place to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of all activities.

Do you have a job search strategy?  Do you think it’s important?  Do you have any stories to share about job search strategies?  We’d love to hear from you.

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2 thoughts on “What Is Job Search Strategy?

  1. The truth is, yes you can develop a job search strategy- and it may be quite helpful to you- but there is no “proven” method that is guaranteed to land you the job. Hiring managers are human, which means they make errors and act off of human emotions, it’s just life. We do have several Accounting and Finance position posting on our site, good luck!

  2. You’re right in that there are many things we cannot control in life, including things that happen during a job search. The decisions and actions of hiring managers are beyond our control.

    On the other hand, there are many things we CAN control, such as being proactive and developing a strategy so that we can make smart decisions and be effective in our job search.

    Thanks for your comment! We’d love to hear more from you.

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