What Can Job Seekers Expect in 2012?

What Can Job Seekers Expect in 2012?

The news is full of reports about unemployment statistics, a possible increase in hiring in the New Year and when and how fast the economy might recover.  Naturally, many job seekers comb through this news hoping for information that will help with their job search.

Will reading predictions and expert insights about what lies ahead really change how you go about your job search? Probably not.  Even when the economy was at its worst, people were getting hired every day and at all levels. Most successful job seekers apply job search techniques that are independent of the economy and unemployment stats. Stats do not help you get hired.  So, what will work in the New Year?  Here is what job seekers need to know to succeed in 2012:

Strategy Creates a Winning Advantage

Regardless of how quickly the economy recovers, competition for available jobs will continue. Job seekers with a strategic and multifaceted approach are more likely to succeed than those who focus primarily on advertised jobs.

Optimism Matters

Having a positive mindset allows job seekers to bring energy to the search. It also shows in networking encounters, interviews and other job search activities. Negativity shows just as easily and quickly dooms your chances. Job seekers who find ways to be optimistic in the New Year will increase their chances of success.

Trends in 2012

Here are some other trends job seekers can expect in the year ahead:

The Time is Right for New Diligence

With the hopeful prediction of the economy for the New Year, there will be more movements and activities in the job market.  Not only for the unemployed, but also those who are looking to improve their current jobs, will be jumping into the market.  Employed or not, job seekers who bring energy and diligence to their search stand a better chance.  Consider using Jobfully’s Job Search Productivity Suite to make every minute count.

Awareness of news is part of your job search, but avoid spending too much time tracking the latest reports.  Invest your time in activities that will increase your chances for success in the New Year.


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3 thoughts on “What Can Job Seekers Expect in 2012?

  1. I agree that people should be persistent when applying for a new job. Also do your homework before you go apply for a job. Know what your applying for and have a well written resume. If you need help writing a resume plenty of websites can help you.

    1. Hi John,

      Thank you for the input! I agree you need to be persistent, and doing your homework on the company is essential to not only get you the interview, but also key for a successful interview.

      I would use a little caution with resume writing services. My experience is that they can be very expensive, and often times they consult with you over the phone or e-mail. If you are lucky enough to sign up for a service that is nearby and you can meet with them in person, many times it’s only for an hour or two. I think it’s hard for somebody, even a professional resume writer, to accurately portray you on a resume after meeting for an hour or two. If you need help with your resume, seek people within your network that know you well. If that is not an option or doesn’t work for your situation, then consider a writing service.

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