Why Your Twitter Profile Matters

Why Your Twitter Profile Matters

Many job seekers use Twitter to follow recruiters and companies, learn about job search, and uncover job leads. They are “passive” users in that they follow and read, but do not post. As a result, they may feel like they are in stealth mode and have not bothered to put together a professional Twitter profile. This is a big mistake. Here’s why:

When you follow new people, most receive a notification that they have a new follower. Often that notification includes the follower’s name AND profile. Some busy tweeters pay no attention to these notifications, but what about those who do? Your profile is your chance to get on their radar screen and let them know your value and what you’re a match for. Why pass up this opportunity?

Consider a busy recruiter with three new followers on Twitter.

  1. CatLover84, has a profile noting she loves old movies and cats.
  2. MSmith has no profile.
  3. PMPro, has a profile noting he is a program management professional with proven success in increasing annual revenue by $1.2m in the field of leasing, currently exploring new opportunities in the Midwest.

Which profile do you think will stick in the mind of this busy recruiter? Which job seeker is most likely to be contacted by the recruiter with a job opportunity?

It will only take you a few minutes to add a professional profile on Twitter. Take your summary from LinkedIn and cut it down to Twitter size. Remember, the Twitter profile needs to be extremely brief. This forces you to share your value quickly and concisely, which is always a good thing. While you are updating, add a professional photo. It makes you even more memorable.

Updated your Twitter profile today and open yourself up to more opportunities!

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7 thoughts on “Why Your Twitter Profile Matters

  1. Your Twitter Profile Matters.When someone decides to ask you if they can follow you on Twitter they are basically asking if the two of you can be friends. It would be great to be able to find that information out but its also important to remember that Twitter is a two way street and they will want to know a lot about you as well.. When you first log on to Twitter you are presented with templated backgrounds to choose from or if you feel adventurous you can create a custom design.

  2. Donny,

    You made a good point. By best preparing your Twitter profile, including customizing the background, will help you create a consistent and memorable brand for anyone who stumbles upon your profile or is looking to learn more about you.

    Thank you for your comment.


  3. Following companys you’d like to work for is a great tactic; as is modifying your profile to show off your best assests. Remember too, that Twitter allows you to list your Website, another reason to HAVE a Website highlighting your portfolio.

    BUT… if you don’t have a Website, link Twitter to your LinkedIn profile!

  4. Sharing relevant content about your area of specialty, on your twitter profile, is a really easy way to show you know what you’re talking about. For example, if you are a Ruby on Rails programmer, there is a constant stream of good articles to link to and comment on. Use a service like BufferApp.com to queue up several at a time and you can efficiently chunk out time to work on your profile, but keep a constant flow of info on your stream.

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