Revealing Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

Revealing Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

We’ve all heard you should come to an interview prepared to ask questions. But asking the right questions and responding to what you hear can be the secret to landing the job.  While questions show your preparedness and interest, they are also a critical way to learn what the hiring manager is really looking for. Once you know, you can position yourself effectively and better bring out your match. Here are some revealing questions you can ask:

  1. How is success measured for this position?
  2. What did the last person in this job do to make him or herself successful (or a failure)?
  3. What would your ideal candidate look like?
  4. What skill do you think would be most valuable in this position?
  5. What do you think are this companies most valuable strengths (or greatest weaknesses)?
  6. If hired, how would you measure my first 90 days to be a success?
  7. What activities are most critical for this position?
  8. What aspect of my resume looked most important to you?
  9. What do you expect to be the companies biggest challenges over the next five years?
  10. How and where does this position fit in to the structure of the department?

By asking revealing questions during the interview, you can take the insights you gain and relate them to your skills and experience, positioning yourself as the best person for the job.   Start using this technique and you will greatly improve your chances of being offered the job.

For more interview preparation, learn how to answer these interview questions:


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  1. Thanks Ed! The answer to #9 could really allow you to position yourself as a problem solver. Learn what they are most worried about then demonstrate how you can fix it for them!


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