Trends In Recruiting, Part Two

Trends In Recruiting, Part Two

As recruiters change how they find candidates, job seekers must change tactics as well. A recent LinkedIn survey points to current trends in recruiting which have implications for job seekers. Last time we looked at where recruiters are spending less time and money. Today, we will talk about some of the areas where they are focused and what it means to job seekers.

Recruiter focus:

  • Keeping a pipeline of qualified individuals
  • Staying in touch even when they have no appropriate opening
  • Quality of hire over speed

For job seekers this means:

  • It is more important than ever to keep in contact with recruiters even when they don’t have an opening
  • Respond with the utmost grace and professionalism when turned down for an opportunity to keep the door open for future opportunities
  • Expect the hiring process may move more slowly than you’d like
  • Your ability to emphasize relevant skills and highlight your match consistently throughout the process is vital
  • Seek ways to identify your differentiators and make yourself memorable

With the opportunity to make new hires rare, hiring managers are demanding the best match possible and recruiters are devoting more time to finding the highest quality candidate.  It falls to job seekers to bring out those qualifications in a clear manner.

Action items for job seekers:

  • Reconnect with any recruiter you have crossed paths with in the past, even if you were turned down for a job at the time
  • Set up a schedule to touch bases regularly with recruiters
  • Revisit your marketing materials with a renewed focus on bringing out your quality by presenting successes and achievements. Eliminate anything that does not speak to quality and success

Up next: Why recruiters are focused on social media and what it means to job seekers.

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