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Staying Positive During Your Job Search

Having a positive mindset is important in your job search.  However, job search length has become much longer in the past few years no matter you are trying to change your job or are currently out of work.  It’s understandable for job seekers to get discouraged after job hunting for a while, but without results.  Keeping a positive mindset constantly will be important during this time period.  Read More

The Value of Expert Help in a Job Search

A friend of mine wanted to try doing a triathlon – a race involving swimming, bicycling and running. She was confident with the latter two but apprehensive about the swim. “I’ve been swimming since I was a kid, but I’ve never tried racing.”  I offered to take a swim with her and see how she was in the water. It turns out she could barely keep her head up!

Swimming is like a lot of things in life. We can do it well enough to keep from drowning but we’re not truly competent and certainly not good enough to win a race. Read More

Handling the Ups and Downs of Job Search

Some people purposely read the end of a book first. They find that removing the suspense and knowing how it’s going to turn out makes the book more enjoyable. With job search, you don’t have the option of knowing from the start how it will turn out. While job search tends to follow a certain course, you don’t know what any given day will bring – perhaps a new lead, or perhaps a rejection. It’s helpful and appropriate for job seekers to be optimistic that their job search will have a happy ending. But between now and the start of your new job, there are sure to be highs and lows.  Here are six ways to deal with the ups and downs of job search. Read More