Recognizing Unique Networking Opportunities

Recognizing Unique Networking Opportunities

Are you taking advantage of networking opportunities in your everyday life? You encounter these opportunities often but may miss them because they are not strictly job related.  Any community where you have built a reputation is an opportunity to network – don’t let your best networking opportunities get away from you because haven’t recognized them as such.

If there is a community you are particularly active in – anything from the bridge community to an online forum – the members of that community know you and your work ethic as it relates to hobbies and pastimes that you are passionate about.  Members of these communities may be willing to share job leads or introduce you to key contacts in your job search.  This kind of opportunity is unique in your job search because it takes advantage of relationships you’ve already built with people you might not otherwise have an opportunity to interact with.   They are a great way to expand your circle of connections.

Some places to network that you may be missing:

Regional gatherings

  • Pet shows
  • Conventions
  • State fairs
  • Renaissance Festivals
  • League events – softball, bowling, roller derby
  • Class reunions
  • Bridge tournaments

Community events

  • School functions
  • Neighborhood block parties
  • Community center classes
  • Neighborhood committees
  • Home owners association meetings
  • Parenting groups
  • Religious functions
  • Theatre or dance groups
  • Volunteering

Hobby based meet-ups

  • Knitting Circles
  • Swap meets
  • Makers’ meetings
  • Scrabble tournaments
  • Pub trivia
  • Book club
  • Dog park
  • Exercise clubs


Hobbies and interests will not only improve your mental health during your job search, but might also lead you to your next job.


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  1. Interesting article I believe we are always networking it amazes me how many people try to keep their business and personal life separate

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