Job Search Secrets from a Google Recruiter

Job Search Secrets from a Google Recruiter

Google regularly tops the list of the top companies to work for and the most admired companies. They are also known for attracting and selecting top talent and a work environment that empowers employees to pursue their passion.

In a recent CBS Money Watch article, Robert Pagliarini interviewed a recruiting expert at Google, Bryan Power, to gain insights into what top companies are looking for in job candidates.  Bryan Power has worked at Google for over 6 years and is now a People Operations Manager at Google, where he manages recruiters for the North and South American sales organizations,

We boiled down this 40 minutes long interview to give you a quick summary of the job search secrets according to an expert in recruitment and staffing management.

  1.  How to Stand Out From the Crowd:  When looking for a job you need to focus your energy. Find a few companies that you know you will be a good fit for and spend more time trying to get into those companies. Job search success should not be measured by number of resumes sent out. By focusing your energy, you will have a better chance of standing out.
  2. How to Network: Most big companies will be represented at job fairs and other industry events, go to those events and make your self known.  It’s typically not that one person you know who is going to help get you a job — it’s going to be someone connected to them in a way that you can’t anticipate. Network with people anytime and anywhere, you never know who they might know.
  3. Quality vs. Quantity: This goes back to question number 1. Spend time getting to know the company, research it and then with that information personalize your resume and cover letter to that specific company a position.
  4. How to Effectively Sell Yourself Using a Resume: Don’t make your resume generic. Instead, be specific! For example, don’t just say “Reached sales goals.” Instead, say specifically what were those sales goals, use numbers and data to demonstrate your fit.
  5. Avoid These Resume Mistakes: First common mistake – your resume should not be a list of every single one of your accomplishments. Instead, it should be a list of specific accomplishments that match the job you’re applying to.  A second mistake to avoid is grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Get a friend or family member to look over your resume and cover letter before applying to make sure that there are no errors.
  6. How to Nail a Job Interview: Don’t be someone that you are not!  It’s a mistake to try to figure out what the interviewer is looking for and then try to represent yourself in that way. Be yourself in an interview – they are interested in you for a reason.   Also you need to be prepared. Study the company and possible interview questions before the actual interview.
  7. Can You Be Too Confident: Yes, you absolutely can be too confident and it is a big turn off for employers. You want to project confidence, not arrogance.
  8. The Most Important Advice: Bryan Power states that the best advice he can give is You want to make sure during the interview that you take a deep breath before you answer a question. That’s probably the best advice I’ve ever given to anybody, because it’s such a stressful environment. You’re going to be wound up, you’re going to be running on adrenaline, and they’re going to ask you a question. If you take a breath, it’ll help you to give a better answer. It will calm you down…” If you’re stressed out right before the interview, listen to some music, go for a walk, go get a cup of coffee, say hello to some people. Get into a mode where you feel good about having a conversation. That’s the most important first step.

The Takeaway

So, what have we learned from Brian Power, a recruiter from one of the most desired employers?  Three things: focus on quality (instead of quantity), know yourself (apply to a job that are a true match), and be yourself (relax and don’t try to be someone you’re not).  With these three things in mind and the eight tips above you will have a much more positive and successful job search.

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