Making the Most of Each Day in Your Job Search

Making the Most of Each Day in Your Job Search

“I’ve lost my structure,” Shannon sighed. “When I was working, the day, the week, and the month had a built-in structure. There were activities I knew I had to complete, deadlines, and accountability.  Now the days are free-form. I’m not sure what to do next and I feel like I’m spinning my wheels.”   Two months into a job search, Shannon’s feelings are very common.

The work-world often makes it very easy to stay on track. We’re given clear goals and support to complete them. We may face negative consequences if we don’t make progress and there may be an upside if we’re successful.  When you’re out of work and looking for a job, it feels like you’re on your own. You have to create your own system for making progress, push yourself and find ways to stay on track even when you’re not experiencing success.

Jobfully is a program designed with this in mind.  It offers a plan for managing your job search, accountability to assure progress and coaching to support you every step of the way. Let’s compare a day in the life of a job seeker taking an unstructured approach, Shannon, with a day in the life of a Jobfully user, Terry:

Time Shannon Terry
  • Sits down at desk and wonders what the day will bring.
  • Begins with checking email, which eventually leads to watching funny videos.
  • Logs on and views Jobfully Toolbox To-Do list for the day.
  • Begins work on high priority tasks including company research in preparation for a phone interview in 3 days.
  • Combs through post-it notes, stack of papers and computer file folders, trying to track down a job lead from earlier in the week.
  • Reviews all current job leads in Jobfully Toolbox.
  • Begins follow-up on each lead.
  • Unsure what to do next, spends an hour on a major online job board for leads. No exciting new leads.
  • Using Success Plan Coaching, locates a connection to a current opening and asks connection to help by providing insights into company.
  • Lunch.
  • Networking lunch with a new connection resulting in two other new connections and a possible job lead.
  • Pokes around LinkedIn quickly sending out connection invites to 20 people.
  • Enters new contacts from lunch meeting into Jobfully Contacts and creates To-Dos for reaching out to them.
  • Wades through emails to see if there are forgotten action-items or follow-ups.
  • Uses Jobfully Tool Box to-dos and makes several follow-ups.
  • Receives an email from Jobfully Job Search Specialist with a step-by-step guide to getting LinkedIn recommendations.
  • Googles “resume tips” and wades through search results looking for pointers. Finds conflicting opinions, not sure what to do. Does more Googling and reads more results.
  • Reviews Success Plan Coaching on resumes, then confidently customizes resume to match a new job lead.
  • Frustrated by lack of progress, quits for the day.
  • Receives an email from a recent new connection and it includes a job lead!
  • Adds to To-Do list to follow up first thing in the morning.
  • Updates Jobfully Goal Tracker with today’s accomplishments.
  • Ends the day with a feeling of accomplishment and optimism.


It’s apparent which job seeker makes the most progress in a typical day. With a strategy and a plan, Terry eeker moves forward each day with purpose. If you share Shannon’s feelings of aimlessness and lack of direction, consider investing in a plan that will keep you on track and on task. You don’t have to go it alone or re-invent a system for making progress. Let Jobfully help you boost your productivity and accelerate your success with a program that works.

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