How to Find a Job in a Different City

How to Find a Job in a Different City

Job seekers have lots of reasons for considering work in other cities.  It could be for personal reasons, seeking a stronger economy, or hoping that there will be more demand for their skills.

Whether you are certain you want to move or are considering it, there are some special techniques you can use when looking for work in another city:

  1. Research the city you want to relocate to.  How are the cost of living, job market, and economy?
  2. Learn about any big companies that dominate the economy and hiring the area, along with small companies that support them.  Would your skills be valued at either?
  3. Access the demand for workers by looking at the unemployment rate in the region as well as the volume of job openings.  Read the lists of the best and worst cities to find jobs to make sure you are moving to an area rich with opportunity.
  4. Tap your network and see about connections they may have in your target city.  This includes, family, friends, co-workers, and your alumni network.
  5. LinkedIn is a great resource to use when relocating.  It can help you find professionals in your area of interest.  Reach out to them and ask about informational interviews.  Look into professional groups on LinkedIn in your target city as well.
  6. Twittercan be one of the most valuable tools in your relocation plan.
    1. Follow local news agencies to get acquainted with what’s happening.  Seek out people who work in your professional interest and follow them.
    2. Get the inside scoop on new jobs or who’s hiring.
    3. Locate recruiters for the area on twitter to find job leads.
    4. Follow local hotels or airlines to find discounts on air fare or accommodations.  This can be a money saver if you need to travel to the city.
  7. Check out local blogs.  A great deal of information can be gained from reading these.   Find career-specific blogs and participate in conversations.  This facilitates networking and showcases your knowledge and expertise
  8. Read local business journals and the business section of the paper.  Turn here as a resource to find out who’s hiring and which sectors are in demand for the local economy.

Looking for a job in a new location doesn’t need to be an intimidating process. Use these tips; you will have a great start on landing your next one in a new city!

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  1. I found your list on finding a job in a different city a good start as a reference point to get help. I find that the list can be exhaustive and you managed to give concise information. Local blogs and career specific information can narrow the information down to the more specific information required by the reader.

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