Help! I Have No Online Presence!

Help! I Have No Online Presence!

A job seeker asks “What is online presence and why do I need it to find a job?”   In today’s job search, you can have great qualifications and excellent connections, but without online presence, you may be overlooked.  Online presence is your value displayed and expressed online. It’s what people find when they search on your name. It’s how recruiters and hiring managers notice your expertise and how you show your value to others in your industry.

Here are some examples of online presence:

  1. LinkedIn Profile
  2. Personal website showcasing work and expertise
  3. Professional blog
  4. Involvement in online groups
  5. Engaging in discussions in online forums
  6. Asking and answering questions in professional discussions
  7. Tweets on Twitter that showcase your expertise
  8. Twitter Profile
  9. Facebook page
  10. Answering questions on Quora
  11. Articles, research or papers published online

Don’t panic if you have done few or none of these things. It’s not necessary to do all of them, and it’s OK to start small. Here are three easy ways to get started:

  1. Create and optimize a professional profile on LinkedIn. This is nearly mandatory for job seekers. Your profile WILL be looked at by recruiters, hiring managers and people you seek to network with. LinkedIn is the default method of finding, connecting and tracking professionals online.
  2. Join several groups, either through LinkedIn or through industry websites. Ease into participating in discussions.
  3. Sign up for Twitter and create a professional profile for your job search.  Follow industry leaders and professionals in your field.

Begin monitoring your online presence by doing web searches on your name. As you increase our online involvement you will begin to see search results that reflect your brand and professional expertise.

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