Goal Setting For Your Job Search

Goal Setting For Your Job Search

A recent blog focused on “spring cleaning” your job search. To help with this process of revitalization, here are some ways to set goals to keep your job search efficient and productive.

Networking: You already recognize how vital networking is to your job search, yet it can be a challenge to touch bases with old contacts.  Pick a target number, such as five a week, and make contacting one person the first thing you do in the morning. You could do this with an update email, invitation to coffee, or an introduction request.  If you keep a daily routine like this, you just might be pleasantly surprised to see new job leads sprouting up.  So set that goal and hit it!

Skill Sharpening: Learn a new skill or sharpen an old one this spring. Be very specific. Commit to an action plan involving coursework, mentoring or practice. Set a goal to begin in the next week or two. Once you’ve mastered that skill, be sure to add it to your resume.

Time Management: Discouraged job seekers often describe blank calendars and days filled with web surfing. Energized job seekers counteract that by consciously filling their calendar with productive and enjoyable events and contacts. Pick a concrete goal such as four calendar events a week. Meet that goal by joining a new networking group, attending talks or meeting contacts for tea. Make it a goal to fill your calendar with productive activity.

Motivation: Mix business with pleasure. Stuck on a resume rewrite? Make it fun – schedule coffee or a walk with three friends next week. As you walk or sip together, ask each of them to read, edit and give feedback on your resume. Or, go to networking events together.  Knowing you have these pleasant social engagements coming up will motivate you to continuously make forward progress.

Reward yourself: As you challenge yourself with goals and push yourself to achieve them, build in some rewards such as an afternoon off from the job search to enjoy a local park, a social event with no connection to job hunting or a morning off to work on a hobby or finish a project.

Re-energize your job search now with concrete goal setting.  Now is the time to plant seeds for your job search and watch them grow.


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