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Entering And Exiting Networking Conversations

For many people (including myself), networking at social and professional events can seem like a very intimidating process.  Two of the trickiest parts:  How do enter into a networking conversation, and equally important, how do you properly end one?

Starting a conversation can be the most intimidating part of networking.  It sets the tone for everything else.  How do you determine when a good opportunity has come up to start a conversation? Read More

Surefire Ways to Ruin a Networking Conversation

You’ve identified a great networking contact and set up a conversation.  Whether at a networking event, a networking meeting, or a chance encounter, this is your big opportunity. Don’t blow it with these networking blunders:

Dull opening. Beginning a conversation with “How is it going?” is hardly compelling. Instead be prepared with a strong opening line that shows you have a clear purpose for the meeting and begins the conversation.  Examples of interesting opening lines are, “You have a fascinating background and I would love to hear more about your career path,” or, “I’m very interested in the work you are doing and the skill set required.”  At networking events you might try, “What brings you to this event?”

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