10 Things to Do Right Before a Job Interview

10 Things to Do Right Before a Job Interview

When you walk in the door for a job interview, you want to be calm, cool and confident. Here are ten things to do on the day of the interview that will prepare you for success:

  1. Arrive early. Nothing is worse than being rushed. Give yourself plenty of time to get there and park. Wait nearby until a few minutes before the interview.
  2. Review your notes. Bring along the job description and all the research you have done on the company and interviewers. Go over it again while you wait.
  3. Rehearse the stories you’ve planned to illustrate your match to the job and your value.
  4. Eat a healthy snack.
  5. Use the restroom elsewhere, that way your opening line with your potential employer won’t be “May I use your restroom?”
  6. Freshen up. Brush teeth, touch-up makeup, smooth clothes, comb hair etc.
  7. Turn off cell phone. Even vibrate can be distracting, so turn it all the way off.
  8. Ditch coffee, gum, water bottle, snacks.  Walk in with free hands and an empty mouth.
  9. Do affirmations. Create and bring along a list of affirmations about your value and your ability to share that value with others. Remind yourself of why they should hire you.
  10. Smile. Prepare to greet each person with warmth, eye contact and a natural smile.

Now you’re ready for a winning interview!

Tell us, what is your best tip for interview day? Do you have a good luck charm or a special routine? We would love to hear about it. Leave a comment below.


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