Easy Ways to Stay Connected with Your Network

Easy Ways to Stay Connected with Your Network

As a job seeker you are probably hard at work building your network. But a strong network isn’t just about having lots of people, it’s about really connecting and harnessing the power of that network. Your networking relationships should be mutually beneficial. Here are five ways to help your network, and five ways your network can help you in your job search.

Ways to be helpful to your network:

  1. Pass along a news article of interest
  2. Forward job leads that are not a match for you but may be for others
  3. Give a recommendation on LinkedIn
  4. Offer to attend an industry event or networking gathering together
  5. Ask how you can help

Things you can ask your network to do to help you:

  1. Pass along job leads, helping you uncover the hidden job market
  2. Introduce you to new and helpful connections
  3. Give your resume directly to a decision maker when you’re applying for a job
  4. Offer you insights into a company, industry or specific job
  5. Invite you to industry and insider events where you can make new contacts

Make good use of your network and look for ways to help them.  Meeting connections face to face is one of the best ways to strengthen the relationship and make it truly beneficial to both of you. Building solid relationships with a wide variety of people is one of the best ways to propel your job search forward.


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