Making the Most of Hiring Ebs and Flows

Making the Most of Hiring Ebs and Flows

Have you ever heard that no one gets hired in August?  That’s not really true, of course, but there are seasonal recruitment cycles including peak and slow periods. Understanding them can give you an edge and improve your chances of getting hired. By knowing which months of the year are the most popular hiring periods in specific companies and industries, you can plan your job search process more efficiently. During the months of slow hiring, prepare yourself for the busy hiring period.

Although recruitment cycles vary, the numbers show that the highest rates of hiring are before and after holidays – fall and spring. Making contact right at the start of these periods may give you an extra advantage.

Job seekers often put their job hunt on hold during what they think are slow months. That is a mistake.  An effective job search is not just about sending resumes and getting interviews. It’s about preparation and long-term strategy.  So in periods of slow hiring, stay engaged in the job search process by doing things that will prepare you for busier times:


  • Keep networking! Holiday and seasonal events are great networking opportunities and an easy time to re-establish connections
  • Remind recruiters of your expertise and availability
  • Step up or fine tune your resume and portfolio
  • Set up informational interviews
  • Reach out to third level contacts (people you do not yet know) as a way of expanding your network
  • Learn a new skill you can add to your resume
  • Keep yourself available for interviews and meetings
  • Keep the search going

Remember, statistics are just averages – they may have nothing to do with the job that you are looking for. And the numbers show there is no time of year when hiring grinds to a complete halt. There are always jobs opening up and being filled.  In fact, these so-called slow recruiting periods might be great times to look for a job for some of the following reasons:

  • Less Competition
  • Some companies have budget surplus towards the end of the calendar or fiscal year
  • The companies you’re targeting may have different recruitment cycles

Timing your job applications to meet the recruitment peaks does not mean that you wait out the rest of the year.  Be productive and proactive regardless of the season!

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