Successful Job Search in Today’s Economy

Successful Job Search in Today’s Economy

Jobs and employment are very much in the news.  President Obama focused on the issue of job creation and the challenges of unemployment in his State of the Union address.  Time Magazine has declared a year-long focus on jobs.  There are mixed reports on unemployment numbers and jobs recovery, but a survey of employers painted an optimistic picture for the year ahead.  How can job seekers take advantage of the current environment and get back to work faster?

Act Now

If there is one thing all the experts and news reports agree upon, it’s that recovery is going to be gradual and slow. We won’t just wake up one morning to enough jobs.  There will continue to be more job seekers than there are job openings.  If you want to be hired sooner rather than later, act now. Don’t wait for a full recovery.  Take advantage of the gradual addition of new jobs that is already underway.  For every new job created, someone is getting hired. What will you do to make sure you are on the forefront of the return to work? Act now! The time is right for discouraged job seekers to re-enter the job search, and for those who’ve been looking to bring new focus to their search.

Be Energetic and Optimistic

If you’ve been out of work for awhile, it’s normal to feel discouraged. However, it’s important not to let discouragement creep into your job search.  Some job seekers are so discouraged, they feel there is no point in trying or they give the minimal effort to collect unemployment.  Those people will not be the first to get hired as new jobs open up.  Try for a completely fresh and optimistic outlook. Give ample time to your job search, making it your focus.  Set aside past frustrations and approach your job search with new energy and optimism, and results will follow.

Have a Strategy

Jumping back into the job search does not mean random or frantic efforts. The people who get hired first will be the ones who approach the job search with a thoughtful strategy and focus their efforts on job search activities that work.  Job seekers who continue to focus their efforts on applying to advertized jobs and who measure progress by number of resumes sent out are not as likely to be successful as those who use networking, social media and a strategy. Not sure how to come up with a job search strategy? Read our easy step-by-step guide “Creating a Job Search Strategy for 2011”.

Have the Right Target

For some, finding a job in today’s economy will mean changing job types or fields. If your past industry is no longer robust or you struggle to find job leads in the type of work you used to do, consider making a career transition. Your past skills can be put to use in new ways and you can move into a field that is growing in demand.  To succeed in today’s economy, be willing to examine what you’re trying to achieve and modify your goal if necessary. For help, read “Making a Career Transition”.

Ignore the News

Job creation is sure to be one of the top news stories of 2011. As new numbers come out, many people debate their meaning and validity. But focusing on the news and numbers does little to help you find a job. In fact, the discouragement it sometimes creates can harm your job search. So stop worrying about the news and spend your time on productive job search activities instead.

Strategic action, coupled with optimism is the key to success in the current environment. Jump in now and be on the forefront of the return to work.

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