Action Items to Jump Start 2013

Action Items to Jump Start 2013

The New Year brings new hiring, so for job seekers it’s critical to be diligent and strategic about your job search as 2013 begins.  Here are five things you should be doing this month to get the year off to a great start and increase the chances of job search success.

1. Create a Job Search Strategy

The flurry of New Year activity is exciting but without a plan, you may fall into random activity that feels productive but is not actually the best use of your time.  For example, you would be far better off sending just a few targeted resumes to companies where you have connections and know insiders than firing off dozens of resumes in response to advertized jobs. A job search strategy will allow you to make progress on many different fronts but focus your time most on activities that are most likely to lead to success. Read more about how to develop your own strategy in “Creating a Job Search Strategy”.

2. Focus on Networking

Few activities will advance your job search more effectively than networking. As the economy recovers and jobs open up, your network will uncover leads for you, but also pave the way for you as you apply and interview for positions.  Set some goals this week for growing , strengthening and making smart use of your network. For help with growing your network read “A Job Seekers Guide to Growing Your Network”.

3. Give Adequate Time to Your Job Search

With the fresh beginning of the New Year, create a new routine for yourself and make looking for work your job. Spending a targeted amount of time, say 5 hours per week, on strategic activities. Avoid distractions like watching videos or surfing the web. If possible, set aside work space and have a fixed schedule devoted to your job search.

4. Get Out and Meet with People and Groups

The internet is an amazing tool for job seekers but it can’t take the place of face-to-face interaction. Networking conversations are often far more powerful in-person. Events and group meetings are an important part of expanding your network.  Take time this week to schedule in-person encounters for the weeks ahead. Read “Why face to face is important” to learn more.

5. Track Your Progress and Celebrate Your Successes

By making goals for your job search, you will be able to track your progress.  Take time this week to set goals. Read “Don’t Make Resolutions, Set Goals Instead” for help.  As you succeed in the month ahead, reward yourself! Celebrate your progress.

The New Year restart is exciting. Focus on the suggestions above and you will be on your way to productive job search success.


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