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A Step-By-Step Guide to Answering “Tell Me About Yourself”

Can you define yourself in 15 seconds or less? The ability to clearly state who you are and the value you bring to the workplace is an important and challenging part of job search.  You will use it when networking, interviewing, during chance encounters and at events.

The most classic use of your self-definition is when someone asks you, “So, tell me about you . . .”  This question is a good starting place for creating a strong self-definition. Read More

“You’re Overqualified” – Turning Your Qualifications into Advantages

Experienced job seekers are sometimes frustrated to be told they are overqualified for a position. In part one of our series on this issue, we learned there are often hidden concerns behind the label “overqualified”. Part two focused on how to address these concerns. Today, going beyond addressing concerns, to really turning your qualifications into selling points. Read More

Answering “Why Should We Hire You?”

On a episode of “America’s Got Talent”, a contestant was asked “Why should America vote for you?” The contestant tearfully replied something along the lines of “Because I want it so much, it would mean so much to me.” While this answer works for a TV talent show, it is NOT the response you want to give when asked in a job interview “Why should we hire you?” Hires are not made based on how much the applicant wants the job. Hires are based on the value the candidate can create for the employer. Here are some dos and don’ts for answering this very common interview question. Read More