Showing an Employer You’ve Got “Fit” – Part 2: Demonstrating Your Fit

Showing an Employer You’ve Got “Fit” – Part 2: Demonstrating Your Fit

Last week, we talked about exact what “fit” means in the hiring managers’ mind.  Now you understand the possible meanings behind “fit”, next step is to clearly demonstrate you’ve got it.

Showing You are a Fit

Interviewers rarely ask “Do you think you would fit in here?” Yet they are measuring fit all the time. The job seeker must proactively demonstrate fit. Given how subjective fit can be, it’s important to bring out your fit throughout the interview. Here’s how:

  • Resume and cover letter should make match to requirements crystal clear
  • Research job and company to learn what additional skills and traits they would love to have and bring them out in resume, cover letter and interview
  • Connect how your past experience prepares you perfectly for this job. Demonstrate the logical progression, making sure to state that the new job would represent a challenge, but one you are prepared to handle.
  • When asked about career goals or where you see yourself in five years, make clear this job is a natural part of your long term plan.
  • Ask about who did this job before. If the person was successful, ask what made her successful then later share a story that exemplifies your ability to do the same. If the person was not successful, ask why, and then later share a story that shows how you are different.
  • Learn in advance and ask during the interview about the work environment and communication style. With that information, prepare stories that show how you have thrived in similar situations.
  • Use insider connections to put in a good word for you, bringing out both your professional and personal fit
  • Match the communication style of the interviewer without abandoning your own. For example, if the hiring manager tends to be very direct, do the same. If the hiring manager tends to pause and think before speaking, do the same.
  • Show you are easy going. For example, if asked if you want a drink, select something simple. An elaborate request may make you look picky and difficult to work with.
  • Be warm and personable. Make small talk when appropriate. Smile. Put the other person at ease.


Most important, ask the hiring manager how he or she would describe a perfect fit for the job.  This is the best way you can learn how he or she defines fit, and then proceed to demonstrate that you’ve got it.

Tell us: What do you think makes a great fit and how do you show you’ve got it, when interviewing for a job?


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