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Troubleshooting Your Job Search

Do you feel like you are trying everything but still not getting the results you want from your job search? Troubleshooting your job search is the way to discover where your job search is stalled, and make fixes. Our wrap up of Troubleshooting Tuesday tackles some symptoms of a job search that is not at its best, and what you can do to make it better.

Symptom: Not finding enough job leads

Diagnosis: Unclear goals or a target that is too wide or too narrow.

Alternate Diagnosis: Not looking in the right places for job leads.

Symptom: Not getting interviews

Diagnosis: Marketing materials, especially resume not doing an adequate job of selling you and your match to jobs.

Alternate Diagnosis: Resume lost in a sea of applications. Doesn’t stand out

Symptom: Not passing interviews

Diagnosis: Not adequately making a connection and selling your value in interviews.

Alternate Diagnosis: Not fully prepared before interviews.

  • Invest heavily in pre-interview research in order to fully understand the goals and challenges faced by the company and position yourself as a problem solver.
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Symptom: Frustrated. Doing everything you know to do, but not making progress

Diagnosis: Measuring progress by the wrong standards

  • Focus on expanding your network. Set challenging but attainable goals for reaching out to new people and measure progress based on success in that area.
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Symptom: Not generating results.  Not sure what to do next

Diagnosis: Efforts are not strategic. No master plan. Not spending enough time on job search or spending time on the wrong things.

Hopefully one or more of the symptoms match what you are experiencing and the diagnosis and prescription are right for you. If not, leave a comment on this blog. Let’s talk about where job searches stall and how to get them started again.

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