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Pros and Cons of Working in Small Companies

Your job search may pick up if you consider small companies as well as big names.  The numbers show there are more jobs there. As you expand your job search to include small companies, you’ll want to consider the pros and cons. Having worked in both a small company and a larger well established organization, it is hard for me to generalize that one is better than the other. Based on my personal experience and from what I have learned from others, here are some pros and cons of working in small companies. Read More

How to Get a Job as a Developer in Less Than Six Months

Today our guest blogger is Jeff Baird.  Jeff is a Ruby on Rails developer at Medivo.com.  You can find Jeff hacking at http://github.com/jeffreybaird and documenting the process at http://learnwithjeff.com.  Follow Jeff on Twitter @Jeffrey_Baird.

So the month of June came and went, and so did July. A lot has happened, but I wasn’t able to complete my goals.

I did, however, make huge strides in my programming skills — so huge, in fact, that I was hired as a junior developer at Medivo!

This post is about how I got hired for my dream job with less than six months of programming experience. Read More

Facebook and the Job Search: Personal, Professional, or Both?

For many, Facebook is a social Mecca. It’s a fun, easy way to share photos, news, party invitations and birthday greetings. And it certainly has no place in a professional job search, right? Yet with the job market tight, job seekers can’t afford to ignore the world’s most trafficked website as a road to a new job.

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