Reality Check On Periods Of Unemployment

Reality Check On Periods Of Unemployment

It’s not just you. If news of the economy showing signs of better health seem a little too rosy, this article from the latest issue of The Atlantic: How a new jobless era will transform America, will put things in perspective.

Yes, the numbers are grim, but there is a well-reasoned wake-up call for most of us too, in this quote:

New jobs will come open in the U.S. But many will have different skill requirements than the old ones. “In a sense,” says Gary Burtless, a labor economist at the Brookings Institution, “every time someone’s laid off now, they need to start all over. They don’t even know what industry they’ll be in next.” And as a spell of unemployment lengthens, skills erode and behavior tends to change, leaving some people unqualified even for work they once did well.

Starting over? Changing behavior? All this and more will be the legacy of this recession.

Jobfully came into existence to serve the needs of everyone facing this reality. We’re blogging about it now, but in the months to come we’ll have a much greater array of ways to serve our community so please stay tuned!

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