Preparing Your References

Preparing Your References

Great references are still very important and can make the difference in whether or not you get that coveted job.  Making sure your references are adequately prepared is an important thing you can do to make sure the back end of the job search process goes smoothly.

Before you get to the point of needing references, ask your potential references if they are comfortable with this role:

  • Try to select a variety of people (co-workers, managerss who know you well, etc.)
  • Be certain the people selected are able to convey your value
  • Remind them of past success stories, your strengths and any other key points they should discuss

Keep in touch with your references during the job search process.  When the time comes for them to be contacted, touch base with specifics on the potential position:

  • Let them know the name of the company and name of the person that will be calling
  • Tell them about the job and give them a copy of the job description
  • Provide a copy of your resume for easy reference
  • Go over the general reference check questions or questions you expect will be asked
  • Tell your reference of any concerns you have about the job or company
  • Ask your reference to speak to a specific strength you would like to highlight
  • Inquire about any questions they might have in terms of representing you
  • Thank them!

By prepping your references ahead of time, you will be smoothing the way for the home stretch of the job search process.

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2 thoughts on “Preparing Your References

  1. Be careful, too, to give references that are good. Too many people make the mistake of providing a lukewarm or even poor reference as their employment contact. Take the time to find out what your references are saying before you use them. Ask them directly what they will; you can even have them checked by an agency like or to find out exactly what is being said.

  2. Great point traveler! You should know what your references are going to say about you and even prepare them with what you would like them to be focusing on.

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