More Seattle Job Leads (5/3/10)

More Seattle Job Leads (5/3/10)

First, Jobfully has a new intern position in Online Content and Marketing.  It’s a great opportunity to gain hands-on work experience at an exciting startup and build expertise in the area of online content and marketing.  For more detail, see

Additionally, another Seattle-based startup, Socrata, is hiring!  Socrata announced job opportunities at last Friday’s Seattle Lunch 2.0 event, hosted by Talent Spring.

About Socrata –

“Socrata is trying to unlock government and other public data one dataset at a time by making data social. Our Socrata Social Data Platform helps organizations publish and distribute data in ways that are engaging socially. The result is that citizens, scientists and journalists can discover and make sense of public data in ways not previously possible.”

Socrata is looking for new team members in Engineering, Marketing and Sales.

For more details on the company, visit  For more details on these job opportunities, visit

Once again don’t forget to go over some tips in our earlier blog (Turn your resume straw into gold, So what did you actually accomplish? 5 steps to make your resume shine) to refine your resume before you send it in.

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