Job Search and Football – Lessons Learned

Job Search and Football – Lessons Learned

A job search is a lot like a game of football.  No really, it is! And watching the big game, you can learn a lot that will serve you well in your job search.

Teamwork. Football is a game where no single player can do much of anything without tons of help from the team. Job seekers tend to feel they are on their own, but networking really is teamwork. It’s as critical to job seekers as it is to football players

Persistence. Success in football is all about trying several times to accomplish a goal. Sometimes a first down is achieved on the initial play, but often it’s not. The players never give up after the first failed play. They know it may take several tries and they stick with it. It’s pretty clear this applies to job seekers as well.

Thinking on your feet. Offensive players have a plan going into each play but it’s common for them to change plans quickly based on what happens on the field. Job seekers go into interviews with a plan but must be able to listen and observe, then quickly modify their approach based on what they encounter.

Lots of small steps. I love it when the quarterback makes a long, beautiful pass and the receiver catches the ball in the end zone to score. That’s like a job seeker going straight from hearing of an opportunity to hired. It happens even less often in job search than it does in football. In both cases, it’s more likely to take many small steps to build toward success.

Recovery after a sack. Many job seekers can relate to being “sacked”. It’s a reality in job search just as it is in football. But have you ever seen a quarterback stomp off the field and quit after a sack? QBs know it’s part of the game. They recover quickly and begin planning their next strategy for moving forward.

Every player on ever team goes through rough days, failed plays and big losses. But they stick with it and two lucky teams make it all the way to the Superbowl.  Optimism, strategy, self-belief, great coaching and, of course, amazing fan support all help propel them to victory.  How will you use those traits to find success in your job search?

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